Let’s build a Magento 2 store from scratch (Series 2)

In the second series of “Let’s build”, I’ll be creating another Magento 2 Store from scratch tailored around Bedding and will consist of both Simple and Configurable products.

For those of you not familiar with the “Let’s Build” series, this is not a tutorial. I’m simply sharing my ideas and thought process when creating a Magento 2 Store.

You’ll probably see me change my mind on ideas and make several mistakes because this is completely unscripted. So, if it’s “professional” tutorials you’re after then checkout the Magento Tutorial Series instead.

There’s still lots of details to work out which we can do together during the course of the series. However, I’ve already gone ahead and created a fictional database of product information that I’ll be referring to.

Reference materials

If you would like to follow along with me then you can download a copy of the files I created in this Shared Google Folder. You will find:

  • Business Information
  • Product Images
  • Product Information
  • Branding
  • UK VAT Rates
  • Shipping Rates

The Product Information is saved in multiple Google Sheet Tabs. To download a copy, simply select “File > Download as csv” for each Tab. Note, these files may be amended during the course of the series.

Episode 1: Introduction and Preparation

Episode 2: Basic Store Configuration

Episode 3: Taxes (VAT)

Resources used during this video:

Episode 4: Domain & SSL Certificate

Episode 5: Security and User Roles

Resources used during this video:

Episode 6: Attributes and Attribute Sets

Episode 7: Updating Magento from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4

In this video, I refer to a post that I wrote where you can also go ahead and copy the commands: How to Update Magento 2.3.3 to 2.3.4. I also referred to:

Episode 8: Importing Configurable Products

I think the biggest take aways from the episode areto take your time and triple-check everything!

Comments and Suggestions

I’ll leave this post unlocked for a limited time so that you can add your comments or suggestions below.

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Hi Craig,

Would be great if you can have a episode on installing Porto in the new season of Let’s build a Magento 2 store from scratch (Series 2)



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