M2 2.3.3 email problem

Bit of a wierd one this. I have tried to search google, but nothing.
My customer confirmation email sends, but the email page is blank and attaches a html file which contains the email.
Is there any way to fix this so there is no html attachment and the email displays within the… email!!


I’ve never experienced or heard of anyone experiencing this issue before. This one must be unique to our setup, I’m afraid. If you need to hire a Dev to take a look, you should PM @thomas for a quote.

Hi @M2-Beginner

I have experienced the same issue before.
This happens only with specific email addresses and only on 2.3.3.

This is known 2.3.3 issue. Just found the github commit link for the fix.

I would suggest to apply patch or use SMTP for a workaround.

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I learned something new today :+1: