Mac users can't pay!?

Hi something weird is going on help! I installed an extension. At first there were many errors until I realized it wasn’t working because it needed an SSL. Then Setup a free SSL, added the domain to the IP, updated the database for the new domain.

Made a payment as guest, great, accepted. Asked a friend to test it she created an account and paid. Perfect so I said to Management last Friday that payment system was ready.

Over the weekend managers tested the payment. We meet Monday 16. They were angry they could not pay. I was like what!? at first they told me maybe it was related with the browser, because they used mac and we used chrome and explorer. I was like no that has nothing to do. So sweating in the middle of the meeting I notice the console showed this error in their mac


so I checked what that was:

The consumer isn’t authorized to access %resources.self

I was like wtf is this why specifically my boss and manager can’t pay. So I created a new account in the spot, made a payment and it was accepted. There is were I realize: the accounts imported from M1 were having problems, Guest and New accounts Can make payments.


I been researching but nothing similar appears.

is a clean magento 2 in lightsail AWS.

I imported the users with csv from a Magento 1. The old users need to reset their password to login. I created the groups in M2 and the users got assigned to the same groups they were in M1. That is all I did related to users. So idk what could be the problem.

Asked my boss to reset his password and test the payment again it failed from his mac. . I logged in his account. used my credit card and address and the payment was accepted from my home in windows. What is this!?

ok I was dealing with this for this problem for 2 weeks and almost getting fired about it. After asking everywhere and founding nothing similar. I found a comment in stackoverflow with a couple of replies and someone mentioned “disable persistent cart”.

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customers > Persistent Shopping Cart > Enable Persistence = No

I did it and it freaking worked! geezzz

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Good investigative work and nice find. I must admit, I rarely test anything on Apple Software because I’m surrounded by Windows applications. Plus, I’ve also experienced quite a few “ghosts in the machine” when it comes to M1 Imported Data.

Thank you for sharing this.