Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data Migration Tool

Hi Craig,

Brilliant job in your videos and video notes, respect!

Sorry if I have missed it (I have searched the forum) but I cannot see anything on using the Magento 2 Data Migration Tool

This is of course a major deal for any of the 1,000’s upgrading from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2. Given its such a key area I wondered why you have not done one of your videos on this (other than the understandable - not enough hours in the day :grinning: ) You have certainly handled more complex tasks admirably.

I have done some review of other third party migration services or import/export tools but none of them seem as comprehensive and/or as fast as the Magento 2 Data Migration Tool.

I have 10,000 products, 1,000’s of orders and customers - so I like most cannot start from scratch and the Magento 2 Import services while way better than Magento 1, are not up to the job. In previous major upgrades or the original move to Magento 1, the only import tool I found could really handle it was urapidflow but its really expensive and the licensing/upgrading is a nightmare.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Hi @antony_l and welcome.

I’m afraid I won’t be covering this topic for the following reasons:

  • Every store is unique: Seems obvious… But every Magento 1.x store has its own quirks. This means you’ll all run into your own unique issues. What works flawlessly for one setup, won’t work for another.
  • Post-Migration: After migrating, you’re still going to run into weird “ghosts in the machine”. I’ve experienced these issues myself - Totally unique for my setup. And I see other people run into their own problems unique to them.

Therefore, no matter what content I create, it won’t work for the majority of people. I’ve only had to migrate one store from 1.x to 2.x. It’s not an experience I would wish to do again.

Lots of the issues come from errors that were created at some point during the lifetime of your M1 usage. Or obsolete extensions that tampered with things they shouldn’t have.

However, there are many more companies starting to offer the migration service now (such as aheadworks and Amasty). This is good, because those companies will learn something new from each migration and be able to apply it to the next.

Alternatively, you can try a module and work through things yourself. Either way, migrating from 1.x to 2.x isn’t very straightforward and will require lots of problem solving. Expect not to find answers you need on Google, due the the uniqueness of your store.

I appreciate I’m coming across very negative… But the only experience I had with this was painful. And I’d rather be honest and give you an idea of what you have to come, if you don’t use a service. If you’re not sure what’s cheap or expensive, then I would probably charge no less than $6,000 over 6 weeks (if I did freelance work - which I don’t).

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your note. Makes sense and I can confirm the same on my first attempt with the Migration Tool, it worked but there sure are plenty of ‘ghosts’. So far it appears that it does a good job on customers, orders etc. However on the product side it looks like there is alot of review needed. Of course its the product side that most of the customisation/addons have an impact.


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