Magento 2.2 update – What to expect (from an end user perspective)

Back in June, Magento hosted a webinar for developers going into the new features of their upcoming Magento 2.2 update. But what does this all mean for you as an end-user, whether you’re a store owner or a customer – Well, there’s is definitely something to take away from this update.

Advanced Reporting

Magento 2 Reports have never been the go-to hub for intelligent information – Not for me anyway, But now Magento have addressed this by including a module that will allow you to sync your Magento Data with your Google Analytics data, providing more accurate and robust information that you can take action from.

On the main dashboard, you will be given an option to view your advanced reports which will take you to their Magento Business Intelligence Essentials Service.

The good news is that the service provides you with around 75 premade reports that seamlessly integrates your Magento and Google data to help analyse your business, with the option to create your own custom reports.

The bad news, is you’re gonna have to cough up $100/month for access to those juicy reports.

For more information, check out the Magento Business Intelligence Essentials page.

Advanced Fraud Protection

One of the easiest ways for your business to lose money is through fraudulent transactions.

To assist with this, Magento have introduced a new service that’s integrated with a company called Signifyd – This service will provide an opportunity to identify and reject dodgy looking orders and cover you with 100% chargeback protection.

To use this service, you must have a subscription with Signifyd which has as starting cost of 1% for every non-fraudulent transaction that is checked. Alternatively, their on-demand service charges fees of 4% for every transaction.

If your current payment provider doesn’t already provide this type of service, and the risk to your business is high then I’d recommend looking into this. I’ve actually did a video a while on chargebacks that might be worth watching if you’d like to know more on the topic.

For more details on, checkout the Signifyd pricing page.


Finally, let’s talk about the B2B Features that will be included as part of the Enterprise Edition. With the upcoming update the highlights include:

  • Company account management to allow company representatives to better organise and serve their customers
  • Fully fledged Quote system that allows both clients and representative to draw up and save quotes
  • CSV Orders allows customers to upload a CSV from the frontend, containing their SKUs in order to create an order
  • Payment on account allows you to pick and choose what payment methods are available on a per-customer basis
  • Customised Price lists also allow you to specify prices on a per customer bases

As well as some security updates and bug fixes, Magento also plan on introducing some new features that should optimise the efficiency of your online store – Thus making your customers happier and earning you some more cash. You can expect the update as early as September this year. For more details on the upcoming changes, check the Magento Guides Page.