Magento 2.3 Theme Recommendation

Hello Craig,

Greetings from Texas! I need to thank you for your youtube videos they have been a great help. I am reaching out here to see if you could recommend the best Magento 2.3 theme to start from. I am new to using Magento myself (or any web development for that matter…) but with your help i have managed to install magento 2.3 on my GoDaddy server, Install the Luma theme, Install Luma Sample Data, Customize My Logo and begin Configuring my site. I am looking to start and learn from a more customizable (right out of the box) theme. One of my main concerns would be to begin using a particular theme and find myself at some point not having resources or support to deal with issues that come up on my site. Hopefully you could give me some advise… also I am also looking to insert a video on the banner of my home page ( I am not sure if one theme is more suited than another to accomplish this).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hi @danielgray and welcome. Thank you for your positive comments :+1:

You might be interested in this post (Which theme are you using and why? by @magetester) .

The only 2 themes that I have experience using in Magento 2 are:

I picked those based on their Popularity/Sales. Popular themes tend to have more pressure to get things fixed and supported quickly. Where as the less popular themes tend to have less features or get forgotten about by their creators.

Both have been an excellent choice with a lot of backend optimisations. They’re also well-built making it a little easier to make coding-customisations when necessary. Porto was less complicated than Ultimo to set up. If I were to build another store, I’d probably pick Porto over Ultimo.

But that’s all just my opinion.

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Hi Craig,
Firstly, thanks for the great tutorials on how to built the magento 2 store. I followed them to created my store with ultimo theme on magento 2.2.6 version. However, seems like the theme is being abandoned since 2.2.x Thus, I kept experiencing issues when I try to upgrade beyond 2.2.9. Do you have any video tutorials on how to upgrade/switch themes, perhaps from Ultimo to Porto? Thanks.