Magento 2.4.0 installation failed

I’m unable to install Magento 2.4.0 (Commerce Edition) via composer. Here’s the output:

ubuntu@ip-172-31-34-67:/var/www$ composer create-project --repository-url= magento/project-enterprise-edition=2.4.0 html

In CreateProjectCommand.php line 318:

Could not find package magento/project-enterprise-edition with version 2.4.0.

create-project [-s|--stability STABILITY] [--prefer-source] [--prefer-dist] [--repository REPOSITORY] [--repository-url REPOSITORY-URL] [--dev] [--no-dev] [--no-custom-installers] [--no-scripts] [--no-progress] [--no-secure-http] [--keep-vcs] [--remove-vcs] [--no-install] [--ignore-platform-reqs] [--] [<package>] [<directory>] [<version>]
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Magento 2.4.0 hasn’t been released yet.

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