Magento 2.4 on MAC(catalina) running Valet-plus

Hi guy not so much a question as describing the process i went true to get M2.4 working on my local dev environment.

I work on a 2012 MAcbook pro with 16 Gb and a 256 GB SSD, i work since almost two years with Valet-Plus.

Installing Magento 2.4 at first gave me an error on the frontend a 502 Bad Gateway, looking at the logs I found this could be solved by increasing the fastcgi_buffer_size.

To access the backend i had to disable the 2FA security (bin/magento module:disable Magento_TwoFactorAuth) after that I have a working M2.4 to test with.

Problems/challenges I have are finding a way to use 2fa for my Local installs, would be nice to get that working.
And finding a proper setup to use ElasticSearch, de devdocs on that subject are clear but it seems the way nginx is implemented in Valet i slightly different than described in the Magento docs.

Hope this post helps someone, and perhaps someone can help me with my challenges

Greetings Craig, thank you for your good work


Hi @Ruud and welcome.

Thank you for sharing the Mac information :+1:

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