Magento 2 an extension to filter stores by zip-code or address

Is there in Magento 2 an extension to show address and/or zipcode field on homepage and ask for user location then purpose local store view for selected zip code?

I cant find any solution on the web. Looking For make something 100% like bellow/

I’ve never needed something like this, so I’m not sure. I believe this type of solution is far too bespoke to simply purchase off-the-shelf. There’s clearly a lot more going on in this site that one module is doing by itself.

I suspect this store is using a bespoke system with Multi-warehouse Inventory at its core to serve stock levels for the appropriate stores. You definitely need to build your own solution for this.

On the other hand, if you simply want to show a different Store View based on the value you enter on the Homepage then it should be relatively easy to setup a redirect based on an address. Obviously, you’d need a database of every address so that you can assign a store view to it. I reckon you could get someone to build that for less than $250 - As it’s just a redirect at it’s core.

I’ve used the POS extension for store locations. Sounds like it should fulfil your requirement