Magento 2 "Contact Us" customisation

I just noticed that “Contact Us” is handled rather oddly in Magento 2 (not sure about 1). Could anyone explain how exactly it works and how I can customise it?

The Contact Us page has a basic form. I can enable/disable the form within the general store settings. Some basic email related settings are configurable but nothing else; as far as I can see. I can’t find any content related to the Contact Us page listed under Blocks / Pages / Widgets so I assume this is hard-coded into Magento? Anyone have any tips on how to modify this page?

Magento 2.3
PHP 7.2
Ultimo Theme

Yeah, it was like that in Magento 1 as well. I can only assume it’s down to the sensitivity of how the form handles data that they don’t make it too easy for your to customise.

If you’re using a “popular” Magento 2 theme, they normally have this covered by providing some customisation options.

Alternatively, you can do some limited changes to the Contact Us page by utilising a series of Blocks and Widgets.

However, if you’d like to give it an “extensive” overhaul then you’ll need to create a template override in your child theme (which is something I’ve done in cases where the Theme doesn’t do what I need). Obviously, you’ll need to understand some very basic HTML/CSS/PHP to do this. I may add this to the YouTube wishlist.

Out of curiosity, what Theme are you working with? Luma?

I’m using Ultimo theme. There doesn’t seem to be a way to mix in new blocks or widgets to the Contact Us section. I might hold off until I’m a bit more comfortable with Magento before getting into theme overrides!