Magento 2 Luma Child Theme (Starter Files)

Hi all,

I just compiled the files needed to create a Child Theme for Luma. You can get these files from the Digital Startup GitHub Repository. I may do a video that will require viewers to easily get a copy of these files in the future.

Remember, these are only the starter files required to start building your Luma Child Theme.

What is Luma?
Out-of-the-box Magento comes with a built-in theme called Luma. It’s a clean and modern design that provides a great starting point for designing your store.

What is a Child Theme?
A Child theme is designed to work in conjunction with a Parent theme (i.e. Luma). It allows you to make customisations on top of the Parent Theme without having to create a new theme from the ground up. A Child theme is also critical to use, as any changes made directly to the Parent theme may be overwritten in a future Magento/Theme update.

What if I don’t use Luma?
You can create Child themes from any Parent themes that you have built or installed. The premise is the same - But you will need to makes some small changes to the files I’ve provided. The changes will be specific to your setup/theme. However, you should easily be able to reverse-engineer the files for your own purposes.

Folders/Files Included


  1. Upload these files to the following Magento 2 directory: app/design/frontend
  2. Update your theme in the Magento Backend: Content > Design > Configuration > (Select Edit on your Store View) > Default Theme > Applied Theme > "Magento Luma Child"
  3. Clear Magento Cache: System > Cache Management > Flush Magento Cache

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