Magento 2 Version 2.3 Using G Suite to Email Via SMTP M2 by Mageplaza

I am using G Suite with a Single admin user named [email protected] to send magento 2 v 2.3 email via smtp, Authentication login, Protocol TLS, Port 587, Emails are been sent out ok, But The sender name is showing up as the G Suite admin user name (info) on all emails.

Knowing the following:
1- gmail is set to send email as (Example)
2- Magento general contact name and all sender name Fields are set to show (Example)

The only time emails are received with the user name (Example) when i compose email from [email protected]

Please any idea to get auto generated Magento emails to have the sender name instead the email address user name?

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I think I read somewhere that this was a bug in the Mageplaza App or Magento 2.3. Or a combination of the 2? It might be worth having a look through the Mageplazas Github list of reported issues?

Alternatively, it could simply be that you have your own email address saved in your Contacts as “Bob”. So whenever you receive an email from your own address, the actual sender name has the alias applied to it.

It might be worth checking with @tomzol and @damianduffy to compare notes. Because I think they also use this module, whereas I do not.

Hi @MohamedSuliman,
As Craig mentioned, I’ve a similar setup to yourself and had the same issue of trying to configure email on Magento without an email server running on the same instance. I went about it a slightly different way and I’ll go through the process below. Regarding your specific choice to use G Suite directly, I haven’t tried that approach so I couldn’t say for sure, but if you want stick to that method then it’s worth checking the open bugs as outlined by Craig.

Background / Problem:
I have a Magento 2.3 instance running in AWS Lightsail. Amazon doesn’t like Lightsail instances sending emails and (reportedly) blocks email traffic. You can google it to find out more but essentially they don’t want it being used by spammers which would have a knock-on affect to Amazon’s spam ratings/reputation.

I needed email so basic functionality like welcome emails, forgotten password, order notifications would function. I’m not currently looking at newsletters/marketing/mailing lists.


  • I’m using Magepal SMTP - recommended by Craig and it’s free.
  • Magepal is connected to Amazon SES (Simple Email Service).
  • SES is free to setup and the first 62k emails each month are free (way more than I would ever need) but note that I’ve Magento hosted on AWS so this free tier may only apply to AWS hosting customers. AWS pricing is difficult to decrypt but I believe non-AWS customers can get up to 1,000 emails per month for 10c; so it’s not going to break the bank either way.

Emails are displayed as “from: Example Name <[email protected]> [via]

Some notes on SES setup:

  • You need to verify your sending domain (TXT record on DNS)
  • You’re put in a “sandbox” by default. Sending limit of 200 emails per day but the real limit is that you can only send to verified email accounts. Fine for testing but allow 1 business day to log a ticket with AWS support to be removed from sandbox.
  • You need to verify email address (to receive messages while in sandbox)
  • There is a rate limit on email sending. Again, it shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about unless you’re sending 10k+ of emails.

This works perfectly fine for me (basic website notifications) and I’ve also used it in a voluntary community website project which runs Wordpress in AWS. It should also work for heavier volume marketing emails but that’s not something I’ve actively looked into yet.