Magento and retail point of sale software management

Hi Craig,

I own a retail shop and I need to improve my online sales, just try my best to balance the low sales on the phisical shop, cause the current economic situation with the pandemia.

Nearly two years already thinking to jump to Magento, but I look for synchronise online with shop sales. How about Odoo sync with Magento? Both applications it seams more for a enterprises than a retails, as I guest most of people in the post try by himself.

Do you think Magento is the right choice for small business?
Do you think once is installed Magento and Odoo I can find a reasonable pricing support ?

Hi @Juancho and welcome,

Working with a CRM/ERP is something that I’ve yet to experience - So, I’m unable to provide any insight on the topic. However, I can attempt to answer your other questions.

Most people decide to move to Magento because they have hit a “glass ceiling” with the current solution. For example, you may require a level of bespoke customisation that your current web application does not support. Having said that, there are plenty of SMBs that use Magento 2 right now.

If you’re currently using a SaaS solution (e.g. Shopify), then you will need to consider truly understand that security/development/performance/bug-fixing stops with you alone. There will be no ticket support system in place. If you have a problem, you have to hire and manage someone to do that stuff for you. Magento as a platform will ask a lot from you.

I believe Adobe/Magento aim their Commerce products at businesses with a 7-8 figure turnover because they know those businesses will have the cash to run inhouse IT teams or 3rd party agencies. I don’t want to scare you away from Magento, I just want to be realistic.

I’m not sure what you mean by this question… But if you’re looking for an agency to look after your Magento installation, then I think the going rate starts from around $70hr.

Thank you for reply and spent your time, I appreciate it very much.
Yes I use a kind of SaaS solution, but all is installed in my computer and in my VPS… eight years ago I bought Lightspeedhq software, it’s PointOfSale that synchronise the stock, and download orders from my web-store. The web store is built with yii framework. The company was provide support until they move to new web store that run in their servers and must pay per month. Also they move to cloud POS and quotes rise pretty high for me…

I research many third solutions that I would like with your community :
1.- Magento + webkul bridge + odoo
2.- Checkoutapp + Shopify
3.- Lighspeed pos + LS ecommerce
4.- Vend + Shopify
5.-hikeup + Shopify or Bigcoomerce
6.- and lot’s of others solutions in windows

The first is the solution that more I liked, make me feel that I own the solution and all the changes and modifications that I can do. And second one is my easier and cheapest solution.
I’m not scare Magento but always listen cases of people who leave the platform to another easier, or maybe this is the marketing of Lightspeed and Shopify, we are the easier and better choice for you!!! Difficult for me choice one, in the meantime I installed Magento 2.3.5 on my VPS with Plesk.
As I born on 70’s and been enthusiastic of computers, remember my first computer was spectrum, the msdos with the black screens, now when I use terminal just for typing a simple command or use SSH I loved… and do not stop to try and learn Magento. It seams I choice already, if Odoo do not disappoint me.

And about support, I was try to said can I find Magento support if something happens ?

Finding Magento support can be difficult. There are a lot of “Magento Developers” out there that don’t developer “to code”. i.e. Aren’t using the best practices, which usually means they break something else or is incompatible with future updates.

If you do use Magento, you might want to consider finding an actual Magento Agency. Otherwise, you might find it too stressful to run a business and babysit Magento. I would consider “How much would it cost my business if Magento went down for 24 hours” and then make the decision that allows you to sleep at night.

I understand, agree with all your advices, already I have my first issue and I see not only developers aren’t using best practices.
Also my hosting support, they don’t known deeply magento installation and issues. I understand I need to hold by myself, and ask for help in magento community.
I will look for this issue in digitalstartup . Whatever I have a bittersweet feeling with all the troubles that small business find in software solutions. I known SaaS offers a kind of solution… but I believe once magento is well configured, should be strong solution :muscle:t2:
Thank you for all yours advices

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