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Hello everyone, I
I installed magento 2.3.3 and in the admin panel i received the message that " invalid Indexer I didn’t know what to do, and I have no great experience with magento. I don’t know what to do, I am using cloud hosting and I don’t have root access.

Hi @Samuel and welcome

Your question is a little vague, so here are 2 possible resolutions

1. Setup Crontasks

It’s possible you don’t have any cron tasks setup. You should be able to set them up by running the following command in the Command Line Interface. Just run it from the Magento Root Directory. The location will vary with Shared Hosting:

bin/magento cron:install

Alternatively, raise a support ticket to your host and ask the below. Any decent Shared Host provider will know what to do

Please, can you install the cron tasks that are required by my Magento 2 web app. Instructions can be found here:

2. Reindex

Simply follow this guide: How to reindex Magento 2 manually

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Thank you for welcoming me here,
I tried to run that command in via SSH but I received a message that permission not granted. I don’t know why!

In the directory where I run that command I can see all magento files but when I run that command this is what I get ’ bash: bin/magento: Permission denied.

And about corn tasks setup, my hosting provider provide an option for creating corn jobs. I couldn’t care any corn job because I couldn’t find corn.php file in my magento files.

Who is your host? I’m with Siteground they have a section setup so you schedule cron jobs without using command lines. You might have somewhere similar (im new to Magento also)

You won’t be able to do a lot of things if your Web Host has locked you out of things like this. You’ll definitely have to have them run the command via a ticket if you ever want to get things done.

I’m Whit Hostinger , they have an option for setting corn jobs as well, in such option there is a place where I have to write the path to the corn.php file. The interesting thing is that there is no such file in my web installation directory.

Oh, really!
Then I think I will have to communicate with them. I have been reviewing some documents and videos about Magento installation, requirements and steps and now I am a little bit confused because I don’t get the full picture of what is going on, there are some settings and installation that are already done by host provider and those which I have to do it myself. For a person who is not familiar with Magento it is easy to do things in a wrong way.

The number one problem with choosing a “Shared Hosting” package is that you literally share the same Web Server as their other customers. This results in 3 significant issues:

  1. You won’t be given any useful permissions, so you’re restricted in what you can do yourself
  2. Most (if not all) tutorials won’t apply to your setup because Shared Hosting services are all setup differently
  3. Most Web Hosts install Magento using a script (e.g. Softaculous). However, this method of installation is unreliable and results in problems further down the line

You’re not the first to be stuck in this situation and you probably won’t be the last.

Thank you, at the beginning during selection of hosting plan I choose unshared cloud hosting. But I didn’t know that I might end up being restricted in one way or another. Would you mind helping me with some steps that I should do after installation just for the proper configuration of Magento, just imagine until now I haven’t been able to remove the text that says this is a demo store.

For those kinds of things I’m available for hire. Just PM (by clicking my avatar) me with your requirements and I’ll provide a quote. Note, that as you’re on Shared Hosting there are some things I still won’t be able to help with. But I’ll let you know what those are if you decide to provide me a brief.