Magento log-in page not loading after install

Hi Guys,
I have followed
“How to install Magento 2.4 and build a web server - Magento 2 Tutorial”
to the letter.

However when I go to (myserverIP)/admin_xxxx
the Magento login page doesn’t load.
The browser just shows “We can’t connect to the server at http.”

(myserverIP)/phpmyadmin loads fine
(myserverIP) doesn’t load anything (same “We can’t connect to the server at http.” message in browser)
I tried with Mozilla and Chrome.

Also, I notice I haven’t received an email (in spam or otherwise) at the email address given for my server and magento install.

Can anyone help me get over this obstacle?

I am at the magento command prompt in my SSH after running the magento installation script.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Jack,

The first thing you should do is have a look at the error logs of your server. The location of each can depend on your server installation, also if it is a dedicated server or shared hosting.