Magento log-in page not loading after install

Hi Guys,
I have followed
“How to install Magento 2.4 and build a web server - Magento 2 Tutorial”
to the letter.

However when I go to (myserverIP)/admin_xxxx
the Magento login page doesn’t load.
The browser just shows “We can’t connect to the server at http.”

(myserverIP)/phpmyadmin loads fine
(myserverIP) doesn’t load anything (same “We can’t connect to the server at http.” message in browser)
I tried with Mozilla and Chrome.

Also, I notice I haven’t received an email (in spam or otherwise) at the email address given for my server and magento install.

Can anyone help me get over this obstacle?

I am at the magento command prompt in my SSH after running the magento installation script.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Jack,

The first thing you should do is have a look at the error logs of your server. The location of each can depend on your server installation, also if it is a dedicated server or shared hosting.


Hi Heemin,

Many thanks for your reply.

I’m not getting anything in my error log, only the expected occasional update/sigterm shut down cycles showing on the log, yet when I try to access my server using IP in browser or Magento2 using IP and my admin URI it doesn’t load at all, and yet - phpmyadmin loads fine with the Magento SQL database I created on that server.

I had installed magento2 and was given my admin URI, but have not been able to access magento2 in browser since then, and also I didn’t receive an email which the video told me to expect, so I wonder if that is connected.

Interestingly on the access log it seems to show that the site was loading after all, I attached an image here

All the best,

Hi Jack,

Just noticed your reply. Sorry for the late response.

So you are saying, that your Server error log is not showing anything? What does the general log show you when you load the page?

There must be something.


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