Magento setup - adding extensions/ laminas update

I have installed two instances of Magento 2.3.1 in my development server. One of them is at document root (/var/www/html) and the other one is within a directory in the document root (/var/www/html/magento2). I have been trying to build complete set-up on the second instance & I am facing some problems here.

  1. I keep getting warning regarding zend to laminas update.How do I go about this? I
  2. I tried to add Check Delivery availability extension ( free from mage array) through set-up wizard & it was disabled at the end of installation. When i uninstalled, the setup crashed at back-up stage. I had to do a re-installation of Magento & now the theme is disturbed (after sample data installation), all the extensions I had integrated are gone. & this installation has become very slow, while the other installation fast. I have tried to
    a. remove & add sample data.
    b. Created a new database (copy of the other instance’s database) & connected. Changes URLs at core_config_data
    c. setup grade, clear cache are done
    d. Migration to laminas was incomplete

Although I lost all categories I had created, the css still does not all work. (All elements appear one below the other, New set shows sample data without product pictures & is very very slow.

Doing re-install is the only choice I can think of. Can You please suggest what else I can do?


  1. Don’t worry about these message. Ref: Package is abandoned, you should avoid using it (After running composer update)
  2. With the speed, you should also try:
    • Enabling Cache. On Magento 2.3.1, after Sample Data installation the cache usually turns off (bug), so you need to re-enable it.
    • Updating your PHP7 memory_limit in .htaccess

Thanks a lot @digitalstartup. Enabling cache did help! Thanks so much for this
I am really confused about what caused the theme / CSS distortion.I had initially added a few new categories. When I had to reinstall, I connected to the old database itself. On re-install I could still see the categories I had added, but pages were distorted (images appeared one below the other, promotional blocks are not on images). So, I copied the database of the other(clean) installation and connected to this. Now all the categories I added were gone & I could only see the categories of sample data. Many product images were missing & page layout was still distorted.
Any idea what could have caused this?

It’s really hard to say without seeing exactly what you did. Plus, I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say “CSS distortion”. Do you mean the CSS isn’t loading?

Not exactly that the CSS is not loading. All elements of LUMA theme appear on the page, but the layout is disturbed. For example, the image of the girl in yoga posture is in place, but the promotional block that appears on top of the picture now comes below the pic .Pictures & other elements are not in place.

Can you provide any screenshots? Side by Side (Good vs Broken) would be useful.

Sorry, Did not notice that I could add attachments. Here it is


I feel like I’ve seen this one before. Is this page accessible online? I feel like Chrome Inspect Element tool will highlight some issues that ring some bells.

Yes.Please check it at For comparison you can check proper rendering at
I did try inspect element & couldn’t figure out much. This problem showed up after a failed back-up and I expected it to get corrected on re-install. But that did not happen. I think this is not a typical / general issue. I will try installing all over again.
Thanks a lot for all help!
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@digitalstartup, Thanks so much for helping me to keep going. I noticed that styles.css was missing in .../pub/media/. I copied from the other set-up here. All good, now!

Thanks a lot!

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