Migrate customers from Prestashop to Magento2

My setup
(seted up following Craig’s guide)

  1. Hosted on shared hosting on Digitalocean
  2. Ubuntu 16.04, Apache & PHP 7.2
  3. Magento 2.3
  4. coming from Prestashop

What I’m trying to do

Hello to everyone!

I want to migrate my clients from my old store in Prestashop to my new store in Magento2. I have approximately 500 customers and I want them to continue shopping without re-creating their passwords.
Do you know any guide to achieve it?

Importing Customer Information via csv is pretty straight-forward. Although, it’s not something I’ve tried to do myself. In Magento 2 backend, if you go to System > Import and select Customer Main File and click Download Sample File, then you can use this to organise your Prestashop data so that it’s compatible.

As for Password Hash, these 2 articles might provide some insight:

However, I’ve read that if the encryption method is different between Prestashop and Magento 2 then you can’t do it.