Mirasvit Elasticsearch Ultimate for Magento 2 (Review)

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I think I am ready with my review of mirasvit extension and their support. The reason I am including support in the review is because any software might have glitches despite being a robust one, because generally we have a lot of other extensions installed.

Review of Mirasvit Elasticsearch Ultimate for Magento 2

Buying it
It was pretty straightforward. Go to their site , add the product and then checkout. You can add a coupon.
The total cost after discount should be around 225 dollars approx( $ 249 is the original price)

Included services:-

  • Installation of extension

  • Installation of elasticsearch engine

  • Configuration of your magento instance to work with elasticsearch engine

  • Super awesome support for 90 days

  • Lifetime Updates

It was done by the support team and in my case it was Max Podkopaev from their support.
It was done after raising a ticket and providing all access details.

Bugs and Incompatibility and Mirasvit support

This is the most crucial part as whenever we install any extensions it might not behave the way it is supposed to, or you have a different requirement, some customisation etc.

My site is a heavily customised site and has some customised indexes( vendor search) and i needed some real work on my site. My magento developer had little idea about a search extension and even if they would have done it , it would have been at a cost.

Super duper support
I approached and raised a ticket and mentioned all the things required on my site. The support team is amazing and they worked on my site and updated me daily.Their support is pretty awesome and I feel that with that kind of support any company is worth investing in even if their extensions are little deficient( In this case the extension is very robust and covers all search needs)

Review of extension

It is a very useful extension and there are a host of features to to put us in full control . For more info you can check out the demo.

1 .it has “popular suggestions”
2. it has autocomplete
3. you can decide which product attribute carry weightage,
4. you can put stop words and synonyms
5. you can add new indexes( awesome function)
6. if you have a blog or FAQ section it will most probably search that too.
7. You can out hot searches- basically its like promoting some particular search
8. custom landing pages.

In all honesty I was not familiar with most of the terms and facilities in this extension but upon using it and seeing what it has to offer , I am very happy.

Finally this extension works flawlessly without any glitches , and even if u have a problem the customer support is the best I have ever seen.

Highly recommended.

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Thank you for taking the time to share this :+1:

Quick question: If a customer searches for “Scarlet Shoe”, is the module able to redirect the search result to a specific page - Rather than show search results?

You can currently do this in M2 anyway via Search Terms, I know. But I’m wondering if they’ve made any improvements to this.

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Hello @digitalstartup ,


Sure enough I think , there is a very good tool for it called custom landing page , sharing with you the snapshot of the tool.

There are other things as well you can do with it.

I hope I answered your question , I might be wrong in my assessment as I am not using this tool (custom landing page). Presently I am busy with basic things :slight_smile: If you want to check out you can in their demo, it will give you a better idea what you can do… or can ping their support.

If Anyone else also has a question, please feel free to ask me. I will be most happy to answer anything I can.

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Have to used another premium search extension that you could compare it to?

Hello Fergus ,

No, I have not used any other. This purchase was made on the basis of my research and still I was not sure when I was buying.

I think it’s pretty good but I have not compared it to any other.

Thanks for asking.

Hi doctor :slight_smile:
Thank you for the recommendation.

I installed Mirasvit E.SEarch module in recent days and and I can highly recommend it.


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Hello PawelP,

I hope it serves your purpose and gives you no problems.

Wish you many success with your store.!!


Thank you.

Please stay active here and share your experience.
I learned a lot in recent days. Hope Craig won’t block me here cos I’m asking a lot, a lot of questions :slight_smile:

Yesterday I installed and sucessfuly conf. Redis. I see that the site works much faster.
Still waiting for M2E pro module to go life with M2.3.1. At present we still on stable M1.9.x



I’ve been using Mirasvit search since their early days of Magento 1.
I must say their Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2 (Purchased) is just as awesome as before but unfortunately there are some issues and conflicts with Amasty Layered Navigation.

Thanks for your review @docter on this extension.
I have been studying on the elasticsearch topic and I was wondering if you are stil happy with your choice.

The module of Mirasvit looks good if you test it at their demo site (which is very fast btw).
I noticed that Amasty has a similar product, but from the look and feel it seems that Mirasvit is the better choice.

What I was wondering also is if you are using elasticsearch installed on a local server or as a service.

Thanks again for your input!


I am sorry for the late reply. I am a doctor and am busy at the hospital working for covid patients.

My project is in suspended animation for some time without any real action so I didn’t get the time to really test the extension properly. However till now I have not faced any problem with the extension.

I have installed elastic search on a server and not bought it as a service. (I own all the data fed to my servers). In addition if u have someone who can play around with logstash and kibana , they may help you get more data about consumer behaviour(I think so but u ll have to consult a specialist for this)

Elastic search installed on own server is simple and inexpensive.(I did it on my own , mirasvit installs it for free I guess, pls check!)

All the best to you for your project. Hope my reply helps.