Official Magento Training... FYI

Hey everyone!

Whilst I was away on my business trip I got an email from Magento entitled: “Magento U now offers 3 tiers of training subscriptions”.

I finally got around to having a super-quick look at the links within the email, and I thought there were some noteworthy points to highlight for anyone who might be interested. I hope it doesn’t make Digital Startup obsolete :slight_smile:

1. Magento U On-Demand Subscription
It appears that you can now pay for a 12-month subscription to access all official Magento On-Demand Training courses for $1250. Oh wait… that’s FROM $1250 :confused: It’s expensive, but might be cheaper than buying multiple courses I guess? Anyway, more details here…

2. Free Video Library
It appears that Magento are encouraging people to make basic 5-minute “How To” videos. And have them posted on their Magento U site.

“And we aren’t finished - We invite you to join us! It’s an opportunity to earn Magento swag, a chance to support the Community of users, and a great way to promote your name in the Magento-verse.”

You’d think I’d get a free hoodie or something from my contributions over the last couple of years :sleepy: Needless to say, I don’t think I can add any value in a 5-minute video so I won’t be participating.

If you’d like to see what Free Videos are available, check them out here…