One Page Checkout (Does anyone recognise this?)

Hi All,

I know of the common Onepage Checkout options and I was going to use the one from Mageplaza, then the request was, Can it not look like this one…

I have uploaded screenshots of how it looks. To me, it looks like custom code, but if anyone knows if its an extension and which one, it would be appreciated if you could share with me.


:rofl: I’ve I had a £1 for every time I heard that one.

It’s impossible to say if it’s custom code (per se). For example, it could easily be Mageplaza OSC with a complete facelift. Using Chrome Inspect Element and looking through the source code is a trick that I use to see if I can find a hint of what modules people have sourced. Albeit, it doesn’t work that often.

For example, look as class names. You might see something like:

class="one-step-address mageplaza".

Personally, I’ve explored so many options over the years for a good OSC. I always found that they have completely different Pros and Cons. None of them ever seem to have everything I want. I will leave you one piece of advice based on a very recent situation I experienced…

The checkout was compiled by 3 different extensions sites and had 2 different people outsourced for customisations. Something went wrong and nobody would commit 100% because it was like “Oh, it’s not our module, it must be X’s module that’s the problem” or “we can’t offer support because we don’t guarantee it works on anything other than Magento stock checkout”. So, if you plan on using multiple modules to build you OSC - Then attempt to minimise how many people you involve.