Optimising MySQL tips!


I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get the MySQL search working better. At the moment mine throws up anything. (key words here “throws up”) I tried to get Elasticsearch working but it kept telling me I had no products! So im currently in a broken english conversation with my theme developer to get it working. In the meantime im stuck with MySQL, any tips to get it running a little smarter? I don’t have the budget to get any other 3rd party add ons at present.

Any help appreciated!

Yeah, the native MySQL engine sucks. It was never designed to be used as a flexible product search for an eCommerce store. I know you said you don’t have the budget for 3rd party add-ons - However, this tool by Searchanise is super-cheap and works really well as a bolt on. I used to use this on an M1 store a few years back.

Essentially, the search engine is indexed on their own server and the results are input onto the page via an API. Sounds complicated but super-simple to setup. You can find the costs here.

I’ll be covering a Elasticsearch installation video in the future - But you should know that the technology requires Java SDK running on the web server, which requires a business license subscription to use. I’ve yet to research this in more detail.

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Thanks, your help as always is appreciated.

Sorry to keep banging the same drum but If i bought this extension https://amasty.com/elasticsearch-for-magento-2.html for example. I still wouldn’t be able to use Elasticsearch because I wouldn’t have the Java SDK?

No, modules like this sit on-top of elasticsearch. You still need to install elasticsearch otherwise the module won’t work because it has nothing to plug into.

Kind of like buying high-performance tyres for a car… When you don’t have a car to put them on.