Paid access for part

The site has a blog. How to make some posts paid? Not all, but only a part.

This site is exclusively a forum. We don’t do paid blog posts. I don’t understand what you’re asking.

I’m not about your site, but about my which I plan.

Your question is very vague. From what I understand, you’re saying:

  • You already have a website
  • It already contains a blog
  • But you want to charge for access to parts of the blog

You’ve not explained:

  • What solution you’re using as a blog
  • Whether you want to charge Per Hidden Post or All Hidden Posts
  • Whether you want to charge One-Off or Subscription
  • Whether you want to revoke access after payment expires
  • What payment provider you want to integrate
  • Whether you want issue a unique password per customer
  • Whether you want to integrate access as part of their existing customer account
  • etc…

The primary use case for Magento is an eCommerce Platform above all else. You will struggle to find an out-the-box solution for this. The primary use case for Wordpress is a Content Management Platform, therefore this would be very simple to achieve because out-the-box solutions for this already exist.

I fear what you’re asking for exceeds the expertise of this community. As, you’ll notice we focus more on Getting Started more than Development. would be better suited for this question.