Porto 4.0.1 with Magento 2 - 2.4.1-p1 Sidebar layout issue on cat / prod pages

Hi guys,

I have an issue since upgrading my Porto theme with my site and cannot fathom what is causing it.

Basically the sidebar is showing below my main content rather than to the left or right.

Since upgrading to 4.0.1 I haven’t messed around with any layout files or anything like that so i’m a little confused.

Oddly, when I specify the sidebar block as the main content custom block and the sidebar itself in the porto settings, the whole content appears in the postiion of the sidebar (so very squashed), as well as the sidebar being at the correct position.

You can see the problem on the category page here: Bathroom (the filter and following content should be to the left)

And here’s the issue on the product page : Draining Bamboo Soap Dish | Eco Friendly Natural, Boat Shape Design (the bit below the yotpo section should be to the right of the main content)

Any thoughts would be greately appreciatd.

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