Preventing mySQL Error

Hello @digitalstartup,

Hope you are well!
I cannot thank you enough for your effort with the videos and instructions.

Since I started I have my first website almost set up and ready. Most of it thanks to your instructions and of course a lot of effort.

Now I am in the fase of going to production and I have troubleshooted a lot of errors. One thing it still bothering me and it is this error:

main.ERROR: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

I noticed that it comes after a snapshop with digital ocean.
My guess is that I don’t close down ubuntu the right way.

now I shutdown (ubuntu 18.04/Magento 2.4.1) on the CLI of the server with:

sudo shutdown +0

It closes the server quickly and I did not get into big trouble yet.

My guess it that it would be better to shutdown mysql and apache with:

sudo systemctl stop apache2
sudo service mysql stop

and then you could do sudo apt update (and/or upgrade)

and then sudo shutdown +0

What do you guys think?

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