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Hey there Craig!

New to Magento (converting from X-Cart), and the site is nearing its “under construction” phase. My question is…

Why do the product image alt text show on the frontend product page? Seems to be a bit ugly. Is there an option to not show this, while still keeping it in the backend for SEO purposes?

I can’t link to the site as it currently locked down while it is being built. So, I’ll attach an image of one of the products here.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there! Welcome to the community.

Each theme has slightly different settings on the backend. Based on the screenshot, I’ll take a stab in the dark that you’re using the Luma theme…

What you’re seeing at the bottom of the image is the Product Name (as opposed to the Alt Text of the image). It’s controlled by the inbuilt Fotoroma Gallery Widget that’s packaged with Luma.

You’ve got a couple of options to hide this text:

  1. Hide with the below CSS (Difficulty: Easy)
    .fotorama__caption {display:none;}
  2. Create an override module in a child theme (Difficulty: Complex)

As a Dev, I’d be tempted to go with Option 2 as it would be considered the “proper” way. However, Option 1 is simple enough for any skill level.

Let me know if you need a hand setting up a custom styles.css file if you go want to go with Option 1. Should only take you about 5-minutes if you’ve never done it before :+1:

You nailed Craig. I have opted to revert back to using Luma after having many issues with the Porto theme (too many to mention, but basically after each Porto update the site would not look the same).

I don’t think it’s the product name (as shown on the product page) because the product names are different than what is being shown. It’s either the image alt text or the actual image file name. This could be easily tested. I did notice something interesting…

The product images were created by a csv import pointing to the pub/media/import directory. This is causing the “name” to show. Today, I manually applied a few product images via admin (catalog/products) and discovered that no “name” is being shown on those images.

Since I don;t want to go through hundreds of products and manually add the images, I think I’ll give option #2 a go… we’ll I won’t, but my dev will :slight_smile: Thank God for Devs!

Thanks for the quick reply. I truly appreciate it.

Take care,

Yeah, the update instructions in the Porto Documentation seem like they’ve been translated or something. Because they aren’t written very clearly.

Experiments like this are useful to learn the results from. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck with the rest of your project :grinning: