Product Image not working as URL

Hi All,

I am drawing a blank here, it most likely simple, so I thought I would ask as I am not making any progress on searching.

Basically, When you clicking on a product image, I would like it to act as a URL to the product itself. Right now, clicking the text\Product name under the image works fine, just clicking the image does nothing.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.


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Are you referring to Luma or some other theme? Also, where are these images being displayed that you’re referring to?


I am use a theme called Porto.

Basically, it is the product thumbnails I am referring to. So you select catalog\heading, it lists the products in rows (depending on default layout) You can see the product image with the product name below, yet you can only access the product by selecting the text below the image, the image itself does nothing.

I’m quite familiar with Porto. I had a quick look on my version, clicking on an image takes you to the Product Page. However, I think I know why it’s behaving that way…

I looked at one of their Demo Stores and I was able to reproduce your issue. I suspect having Quick View enabled does this (it’s turned off on mine). If you don’t need quick view then simply disable it. I’ve never been a fan of Quick View.

However, if you want to keep Quick View enabled but still want the image to take you to a Product Page when clicked then you’ll need to create a child theme where you can override the changes safely. A good place to start digging into the code would be in:

app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Smartwave_Porto/templates/ajaxproducts (165-232)

It looks like the Div (product-item-inner) is sitting on top of the image - Therefore, you can’t interact with the image like you’re supposed to. Removing this whole DIV fixes the issue, but then lose the Add to Cart button that you see when you hover over the image. But I guess that doesn’t really matter as customers can purchase on the Product Page.

Depending on your skill, it might be quicker just to raise a support ticket and ask them directly. It might well be a bug rather than a feature.


It turns out to be a Category View on the theme. I thought it was something simple, but more like a Magento setting in the admin panel.

To change it, access admin backed -> Porto - Setting Panel > Category grid view > please choose “Product grid/list type is 1 or 4”

Thanks for your input.

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