Product not showing in the category page problem

Hi Craig
the product is not showing in the category page after I have added a configurable product
I have tried a lot of ways to solve this problem I have double checked the options and made it the same as options as products I have added already and showing in another category
(same category configurations & same product configurations the problem is showing in one category and not showing in another category) BUT it did not work
what to do?
how to solve?

Hi Hassan,

I’ll try to answer your question. It won’t be easy :slight_smile: especially without looking at your M setup.
Configurable product

  1. Parent configurable product status enabled
  2. Children - simple products status enabled
  3. Parent product - Visibility Catalog,Search or catalog
  4. Category - It is linked to a category lets call it category X and we are looking for it in category X
  5. Make sure products have some stock. If your M setting shows only products which you have in stock. Check this - stores/configuration/catalog/inventory/stock options - display out of stock products
  6. From what I remember simple products require weight otherwise they are virtual products

Can you sent a screen shot or provide with more details if this doesn’t work?


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@PawelP has pointed out some great tips for diagnosing this issue. I also pulled my hair out at one time after running into a similar issue. It turned out that I hadn’t assigned the child products any stock quantity. Coupled with point 5.