Product Upload Slow Torture

Is there something in the background I need to tweeking before uploading products to Magento via csv?

I have about 36K products to upload - it checks the file and says it good to go, but when I upload the products it just times out and spins.

I had this problem before I thought it was just because I was on some crappy shared server so I had to bring in 28K products 500 at a time.

Its torture - I don’t want to have to do it again - im not on shared anymore im on cloud so I would of thought it would be able to handle it - i’ve resorted to cutting it down into 5k at a time, but its still just timing out.

Any ideas?

Ok once again ignore my blabberings - it seems to have actually uploaded the products just failed to inform me that it had bothered :unamused:

Although i’ve now noticed that it hasn’t put all the qtys in - if its not one thing…

Do you want to attach your spreadsheet and I’ll take a look.