Products are showing out of stock Mag. 2.4.4

I wonder if you could help.

I created several configurable products.
The stock was allocated to simple products and the front end correctly showed stock and products were salable.

Then I changed stock to 0. The configurable product on the front end correctly showed a message 'Out of stock.

Then I increased the simple product stock from 0 to 1 and changed both the simple product and parent/configurable product status ‘In stock’.
Refresh the front end the product still shows ‘Out of stock’

I reindexed magento didn’t help either. Created caches just in case but this didn’t solve the issue either.

Can you please give me a tip on what could cause the issue and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

I did some research and from what I read it is a known issue with qty and mag 2.4.4 [2.4.4] Product with Salable Qty of 0 shows 'In Stock' on product page · Issue #35319 · magento/magento2 · GitHub

If anyone finds something please post.

Thank you.

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