Products uploading :(


Hi all,

I am still trying figure out how to uploads products into magento 2 and I got few problems before that,

  1. Can I add discounted price when I upload the CSV?
    2.Can I upload my categories with the CSV?
    3.Can I upload my delivery chargers with the CSV?
  2. Can I import images from different URL or do I have to upload images before ?

This is my CSV if my questions are not clear… :smiley:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Hi @Hussey.

Just quickly checking in before I go out for the day.

  1. Use the “Special” columns in the csv. Look for Special From, Special To and Special Price. I can’t remember the exact attributes from the top of my head.
  2. I think that when you add a category in a Product Import CSV it creates a Category (just with the basic information though). I haven’t tested this properly, but it was something I noticed once.
  3. Delivery Charges will depend on what Module you use to control this. If you’re referring to the Table Rates, then yes. You need to go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Table Rates. The trick is at this point it to change your Store View (upper-left) from Default Config to Main Website. This will then display an Import button for the site. I stumbled across this website once, which may or may not help you to format a csv.
  4. I’ve never imported an image from an external source, but in theory it should work fine so long as it can access it.

Hope this helps.



Hi Craig,

Thanks for your help. I still trying to figure this thing out :rofl: