reCaptcha not working

Is there an issue with google reCaptcha in magento 2?
I’ve tried it on two sites but can’t get it to work with ‘Create New Customer Account’ on either.
I’ve tried all three versions of reCaptcha changing the keys each time.
I’ve turned off everything apart from in ‘Use in Create user’.
All the time I get the ‘ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key’ In the bottom right of the screen.
I’ve added a php.ini file with ‘allow_url_fopen = 1’ and even tried ‘allow_url_fopen = On’
I’m already under attack with new accounts so need to get this figured but It’s not happening at the moment and I can’t be the only one!

reCaptcha works on all of my installs. Did you setup your own Key as described in the Official Magento Documentation?

It took me a while but found it in the end.
Bss_CustomerAttributes was the culprit. from Bss Commerce