Redis, AWS ELB & Multiple Stores

Hello Community !

I am a recent convert to Magento having worked with many other ecommerce platforms. My current project requires me to provide 100 Independent stores, all served off one Load Balanced, Auto Scaling, AWS based Magento platform. The sites are almost identical, only differing in terms of colors and product catalog (each has a Root Catalog). We are not in production yet.

My current setup includes REDIS, with a standard DB=0 for cache-backend and DB=1 for page-cache.

If I was setting up a handful of sites I would prob. use Two of the available 16 REDIS DBs for each site - but as I am building 100 sites that not feasible.

I have two questions:

1 - Will REDIS function at all when asked to cache 100 different sites in the same DB - e.g. Does it Care?

2 - What is the Performance Hit I should expect? I assume the Cache will get v.Large and thats the price I pay (financially and latency wise).

Thanks in advance for feedback !


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