SameSite Cookie Changes - Payflow, still affected in 2.4.3-p1 (Re-opened)

I’m referring to this issue here:

It only happens with chrome, however most people these days use chrome so it is kind of a big issue.

I know that this was resolved from 2.3.5 onward, however it appears I still have an extension/module somewhere that is affecting this and causing the problem on my site. I really only have a handful of modules as the idea was to keep this installation as simple as possible.

Any ideas on how to chase this one down? It doesn’t throw errors in any logs, making it difficult to find.

I do use cloudflare, however I doubt that is messing with this at all.

EDIT: re-opening this, still not resolved and can’t find the solution, but have an idea or two.

I’m still having this cookie issue and I’m starting to think it could be a php.ini setting.

Should there be anything set in the php ini for samesite-cookies?

Something such as this:
// Set a cross-site cookie for third-party contexts
setcookie(‘cookie2’, ‘value2’, [‘samesite’ => ‘None’, ‘secure’ => true]);

or this:

When I look at cookies on the site is shows PHPSESSID cookie is LAX

I have excluded checkout from varnish cache in case that was the issue. I don’t necessarily see any changes in the cookies, but I was able to get a response and declined transaction.

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