Save Config button not working

Hi All,

I have followed the installation guide you kindly provided in youtube and it works perfectly fine.
I have installed Magento 2 into ubuntu 18.4
I know your demonstration was suggesting to install it into Ubuntu 16 but I choose to go for 18.4

Now after installing I have installed porto as my theme and it looks good.

But for some reason now that I’m following your instruction to create a shop online bear in mind that this is my first time. I’m hitting a blockage where my Save config button in Store > Configuration
doesn’t work anymore.

So I press the button and the page refresh then it goes back to the original value. I tried to flush the cash and flush files from the cash.

But unable to fix it. I would appreciate it if you could advise on a solution so that I can continue watching and finish my trial online shop.


Try running this as the “magento user” from the Magento Root Directory:

rm -rf var/cache/* var/page_cache/* generated/code/* && bin/magento setup:upgrade && bin/magento setup:di:compile && bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f && bin/magento indexer:reindex && bin/magento cache:clean && bin/magento cache:flush

That will make sure everything is cleared etc… It seems like most of the time is is something cache related


Hi @Mody_G and welcome,

Ubuntu 18.04 should make much of a difference. If I recall correctly it only complicated the MySQL part. Anyway, the post above should help you clear your caches and regenerate a bunch of files. It’s a good string of commands to have in your arsenal.

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Thank you so much. This solution fixed the issue I had :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. Good luck with M2. It is a great platform from my experience so far.