Shipping address missing at checkout

I am very new to site building, but I have followed the course and still have a problem
I am using magento 2.2.4 , everything looks good but when I get to check out there is not customer check detail like where to ship it just goes straight to PayPal , I have spent hours on this and would very much appreciate any help as I need the site to go live
I hope I have asked the question right

Hi @easybelts, welcome.

This isn’t something I’ve run across before but hopefully the fix is fairly straightforward. Please, could you share a screenshot of your checkout. Also:

  • What delivery method have you chosen?
  • Is Enable Onepage Checkout set yo Yes under Stores > Config > Sales > Checkout > Checkout Options?

hi , many thanks for the quick response
I have checked and rechecked the check out but everything seem correct
I have attached a copy of check out and also the check out config

as you will see I have only attached paypal, I do very much appreciate the assistance , I have spent hours on this xxxx

Ok, I suspect this might be a PayPal setting in the backend of Magento. Would you mind testing my theory:

  1. Disable PayPal Payment Method
  2. Enable Purchase Order Payment Method
  3. Clear Cache

Then tell me if the checkout appears normal. If it does, then it would confirm one of the following:

  • A setting needs changing somewhere in the PayPal section
  • It’s a feature to cut out unnecessary data input for the customer as the data is automatically taken from their PayPal account

more than happy to try , thanks you , x

hi I have diabled paypal but I do not have the choice of Purchase Order Payment Method
as shown below its paypal express or Braintree, if I enable check out with cheque I get the customer details

but still no shipping showing ???

sorry I have Purchase Order Payment Method have now enabed , clear cache on site as well as server but still the same as when using cheque , just form for details , nothing for shipping or final total , xx

Hmm… I wouldn’t normally offer as I’m so busy, but I can spare half an hour tonight if you’re happy to share login details. Click on my Profile Pic and send me a Private Message if you do.

As usual, for security make sure you create a clean username for me (and remove me once I’m finished).

thank you so much , I would be most grateful , I look forward to speaking with you x

Ok, I immediately see your issue. You’re products don’t have a weight. Therefore Magento assumes that they are Virtual Products. Therefore Magento doesn’t bother displaying a Shipping Option at checkout because there’s nothing to ship.

I’d recommend:

  1. Backup your Database (before making any changes)
  2. Go to the Catalog Screen
  3. Filter by Type = Virtual Product
  4. From the first Column Header choose Select All from the Dropdown
  5. From the Actions Dropdown select Update Attributes
  6. When the page loads, scroll down to Weight, tick Change, add a weight value and hite Save
  7. Clear cache

This should turn all of your Virtual Products to Simple Products.

Don’t forget to change your Payment Methods back to how they were.

Note: I’ve retitled post and added an answer to make it easier for other to find help for similar problems.