Simple way to offer two Shipping Options via Table Rates?

I’m looking for a recommendation for how to offer two differently priced shipping options to customers (tracked & not tracked) while shipping is calculated by weight and destination country.

Are there any simple extensions/addons for Magento 2.3 that do this?

I saw there are several extensions that cost as much as 200 euro and they also include a lot of options that I won’t need. Maybe there is something a little less pricey that will do the job for me?

Thanks :biking_man:

Hi @Matthias and welcome

There is a similar post here Shipping Method Based on Supplier, which includes my recommendation for shipping modules.

Hello @digitalstartup, thanks for replying. (And thanks for all your work with the videos btw!)

Yes, I saw this topic. But it only includes one recommendation for a rather pricey module which has lots of extra features that I don’t need.

I was hoping to find some more recommendations for solutions to this seemingly rather simple task (of offering 2 different shipping methods to every customer). Are there any extensions / addons / modules that can do this?

Sorry, my experience with alternative modules is limited as I’ve never needed anything other than the aforementioned module.

I’ve utilized the module from webshop apps for about 8 yrs and have implemented is for my new M2 store too. It is great and does exactly what you’ve described very well. The best thing is now it is FREE.

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