Shipping Method Based on Supplier

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Does anyone know of a module, or a method to set shipping options based on Supplier or a product Attribute?

In my case, I have multiple drop shippers who charge different prices for delivery, then we also have the stock products which need there own shipping price as well. Anyone have a solution or recommend a module for this?


Hi @Casey

At the risk of this question turning into a shill where developers start plugging their own shipping modules, I may close this within 7-14 days. Having said that, I think you’ll find the Mageside solution I mention in this post of use: Magento 2 Shipping Problems. It’s what I use right now, allowing you to add rules based on variables. It might take you a hot minute to get your head around it all, but it’ll do the job.


That makes sense.

I want to share with you what I found, plus I might need some help understanding!

I found this module Advanced Shipping pour Magento 2 and added it to my development site. Disabling all other shipping methods and only enabling this option with the premade examples, appears to work perfectly well.

That said, I am not a developer and struggling to understand the documentation, so maybe someone here can educate me a bit.

Documentation Documentation of Advanced Shipping extension for Magento 2

Using the guide, I am trying to create a method based on the Assign Inventory\Source. So I created this entry into the shipping module, but it dont work. I believe its an error with the code I entered as I do not fully understand it. Can someone take a quick look and let me know what I am doing wrong?

// First shipping method
addMethod(‘PM_METHOD1’, [
‘title’ => “Standard Shipping”,
‘Enabled’ => $item->product->getSourceItems($sourceItem->source_code == ‘PM’),
‘price’ => 10,

There error I get is “Error Unknown variable $item” so something is wrong on the “Enabled” line. But I do not understand what.


These code-customisation appear to be specific for this module, which I have no experience with I’m afraid. It seems quite a convoluted way of setting up the system. I though you’d get better answers by reaching out to the module supplier.

addMethod('PM_METHOD1', [
'title' => "Standard Shipping",
'enabled' => count(
    array_filter($request->all_items, function ($item) {
        return count(
            array_filter($item->product->getSourceItems(), function ($source_item) {
                return $source_item->source_code == 'PM';
    ) > 0,
'price' => 10,

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