Magento 2 Shipping Problems

We are preparing to replace our Magento 1 system with a new build Magento 2 site … and we have hit a roadblock.

In our Magento 1 site, we installed extensions from Moogento to improve the order processing functions of the system. The extensions; pickPack, shipEasy and CourierRules, gave us the following improvements :-

  • Changed the ‘native’ Magento functionality so that we could print and packing sheet and then mark it as shipped,
  • Print Packing Sheet and Invoices to our design, including the appropriate Royal Mail PPI ‘stamps’ according to order value, shipping priority and destination
  • Colour Coded orders in the order list to highlight Shipped orders (green background), unshipped orders (white background) and ‘problem’ orders (red background).

The ‘roadblock’ is that the critical component in this trio of extensions that determines the PPI choice is not yet ready and the cost of these extensions has changed from a one-off purchase to a monthly fee. That’s a commercial choice by Moogento but we would prefer not to get software supplied in that way.

Can anyone help us to identify an alternative software solution for Magento 2 that would provide similar functionality ?

Hi @ChandlerReynolds,

There’s a couple of Magento Developers that seemed to have moved to a SaaS model with Magento 2. I can only assume it’s more profitable. Anyway, I figured I’d share a couple of Shipping/Order Management solutions that I’ve used for a couple of Enterprise projects:


  • Complex shipping rules and rates: Shipping Matrix

Xtento (Affiliate Link)

  • Colour coded orders: Advanced Order Status
  • Process orders (e.g. status) from order grid: Simplify Bulk Order Processing
  • Import tracking from carrier consignments: Tracking Number Import
  • Custom carrier tracking for imports: Custom Carrier Trackers
  • Flexible product reports (inc Google Merchant export): Product Feed Export
  • Flexible order reports: Order Export

I use quite a few Xtento extensions because they simply work - And they work together. However, I’m not sure if they tick all of your boxes. Luckily, they all come with backend demos for you to try.

The other niche solutions we required ended being developed in-house (Such as PDFs). When it comes to businesses, unless you’re selling off-the-shelf items, there isn’t really any out-the-box solutions that cater for “real world” businesses.

I’d love to know what you end up going with.

Thanks Craig, … very helpful.

We’ll take a look at all of those during the coming week and I’ll let you know what we decide.

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Please review Shipping Table Rates Magento 2 Extension for shipping solution. I have use this extension in my store.