Shipping Methods and Shipping Rates

Hi, I am an absolute beginner regarding Magento, so may be I am asking a weird question…
Excuse me for that…
I am Setting Up a brand new M installation.

Am I wrong when I see no possibilities in the Configuration > Shipping Methods for creating more than 1 Shipping Method/Rates where the customer can choose from, like:

  • Method: by Carrier to Country A (Domestic) - Rate: 5,50
  • Method: by Carrier to Country B (Abroad) - Rate: 8,50
  • Method: Pick Up At Our Collection Desk in Our Warehouse - Rate: 0,00

Isn’t this what everyone at least needs in his/her shop?

Of course I have been googling… and I found something like: Configure Shopping Cart Price Rules.
Is that the solution to this or am I missing something?

I also saw passing by:

Magento Shipping is definitely very limited “out-the-box”. Whenever the subject of shipping comes up, I always find myself referring people to the Mageside Module that I reference here: Magento 2 Shipping Problems.

It’s the only module I use over-and-over again in all my projects. Takes a while to get your head around all the rules, but after that you should be golden. Hasn’t let me down (yet). I can’t speak for other solutions because I’ve never had to try anything else.

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