SMTP M2 by Mageplaza Installation Readiness Check Error

When i try to install the SMTP i get a readiness check. ```
We found conflicting component dependencies. Any help with this issue please!

Hi @MohamedSuliman,

It’s not a lot to go on. Please, can you provide some more details:

  • Have you installed anything via the Web Setup Wizard before?
  • What version of Magento 2 are you running?
  • Was Magento originally installed by you (from scratch) or by your Web Host?
  • Is this a Live or Development environment?
  • Are you running Ubuntu with PHP?

This should help me get an idea of your setup.

Hello Craig, thank you for helping us on digital startups community.
Magento originally installed by me, this is a fresh installation Using composer and running Ubuntu 18.4 with PHP 7.2. this is the first time i try using web setup wizard to install from Magento marketplace. Although the extension version was not updated to 2.3 in Magento marketplace, As it was mentioned on the extension page It will work with 2.3
thanks again.

yes its a development environment

According to the Magento Marketplace, their repo of the module is version 1.2.0 (07 June 2018). However, their latest version on their own website is 1.2.9 (16 January 2019).

It might be worth trying to install it directly from their repo via composer with the following steps, ran as magento user from Magento root directory:

  1. composer require mageplaza/module-smtp
  2. php bin/magento setup:upgrade

If it fails again, please copy/paste or print screen the output. Sometimes the Command Line Interface offers more feedback than the Web Setup Wizard.

Good morning Craig, it worked with no error.
Thank you much.
i made a mistake and i installed it outside /var/www/html/ which the Magento root directory at first. so i deleted the vendor file that was created in the magento user home.
Thank you very much!

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Awesome. This could have been down to the out-of-date module or the installation method. I seen a couple of instances now when a developer doesn’t bother updating the Magento Marketplace whenever they update their products.

As for the Web Setup Wizard, I think it’s a pretty useful tool (especially compared to M1) but if a bit slower and unreliable compared to using Composer directly from the Command Line Interface.

Good luck with the remainder of your project :+1: