Some product images display on some browsers but not others

I just thought I’d share this experience with you.

The issue
So, I got a phone call from one of my colleagues last night claiming that he couldn’t get one of the product images to load on the website - and had tried everything.

I checked and couldn’t recreate the issue as it loaded fine my end. So, I remote dialed into his PC and I could see from his perspective that the image wouldn’t load. On his machine, I checked different browsers and even incognito… They all worked fine but not whilst he was logged in.

We tried a few other PCs in his office with mixed results.

The cause
Anyway, having come back to it this morning, I spotted the issue. The filename contained dimensions of the product:


Some of the PCs/Chrome Profiles loading the website were running Ad Blockers. And it looks like the Ad Blocker was misinterpreting the product dimensions as banner dimensions. It’s common for Ad Banners to include its dimensions in the filename so that must be a factor for the Ad Block logic.

Removing this part of the filename and re-uploading fixed the problem.