Sometimes, after an order is placed, 'The order confirmation email is not sent'

Hi, everybody,

Sometimes I face the problem of sending mail after the order. This applies to both PayPal and credit card transactions.
Magento Version 2.3.3.
Is it possible that there is a problem with the payment gateway? I can’t find any explanation for this.
Please help who knows the solution to this issue

Hi @Alx and welcome.

In order to narrow down the issue, you’ll need to provide further information.

You really want to start testing through various scenarios, when these emails are sent. Then log the results back here.

Conducting an investigation (example)

This is how I would start my investigation, and use the results to determine a pattern:

Payment Method Customer Type Order Type Result
PayPal Registered New Order OK
PayPal Registered Reorder OK
PayPal Guest New Order OK
PayPal Guest Reorder FAIL
Purchase Order Registered New Order OK
Purchase Order Registered Reorder OK
Purchase Order Guest New Order OK
Purchase Order Guest Reorder FAIL
Stripe Registered New Order OK
Stripe Registered Reorder OK
Stripe Guest New Order OK
Stripe Guest Reorder FAIL

Then I’d know it only affects Guest Customers who place Reorders via Any Payment Method.

Hello digitalstartup,

Thank you for responding.

I checked two users with whom this happened at different times and they were both registered.
Payment was made via PayPal and credit card.
And yes, these were new orders, not reorders.

So, you’ve confirmed that your issue affects:

  • Both Registered and Guest Customers
  • Both PayPal and Credit Card
  • Only New Orders

Does this apply to every customer what meets the aforementioned criteria? Note: 2 customers isn’t a large enough pool size to obtain the data.

Hi again,.

Let’s go again:

  1. Both new customers
  2. Both are registered.
  3. It’s happened with both type of payment, PayPal and credit card.
    Of course, two users is not enough for statistics, in this case, you need to continue to track the next case.

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