Sometimes the home page goes 404


Some times my home page goes 404 at random intervals. I don’t know why, i try to refresh the browser but it stays 404. I deployed the page and flushed cache, now its working. Why doing this?

I flushed the cache, the main page came in. I made 3 trial orders and the homepage runs again to 404. I emptied the cache again and it was fine.

I can’t say I’ve ever run into this issue before… Well, maybe back on M1 when I was running Varnish. If you’d running Varnish or any other Full Page Cache solution you might want to try clearing those caches.

I have come to the conclusion that it is completely random, automated cache emptying may be a problem. I think others have encountered this issue with version 2.3.x.

Varnish is not installed yet. I tried it before, but I couldn’t get it to work. I think it would be nice to speed up a lot.
I saw some M2 pages where a compressed JS file was downloaded by the browser. These were not 2MB, only 200-400KB.
I am currently using http2 protocol and did not merge the js files due to the large size. So it take it in pieces, but 256 requests, which is a lot.

Do you have a tutorial video showing what modules should be turned off for fewer JS hits, or doing advanced optimalization? This is a very interesting topic for me.

btw, sorry for my english

The 256 requests isn’t really a problem now that technology is moving on HTTP/2 because it allows browsers to download more files simultaneously. My production servers still operate with the following:

  • Merge JavaScript Files = Yes
  • Enable JavaScript Bundling = No
  • Minify JavaScript Files = Yes

Bundling will break your site. Even the Magento Documentation says that you shouldn’t use it unless you know how to optimise your theme files. So, this option stays off.

As for the 404 issue, I’m not sure what else to suggest. I’ve not encountered the issue and I’m still working in 2.2.9.

Further Reading on JavaScript Bundling:

I set it up similarly, the server render is very fast. However, by the time the client downloads all the js on an older computer, it will render quite slowly. It also shows that the items are being loaded in a row.

On an optimized magento site, this process takes place very quickly, you will feel easier on the site.

I did some research, the 404 problem is a bug in 2.3.0 version. ( I found many basic bugs that automating testing could avoid, i feel like it isn’t testing properly before getting out )

I found another post for advanced bundling, it will be a solution for me:

Thank you for returning with an update :+1:

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