SSL Godaddy Configure via Cerbot


I really like your videos and appreciate all the hard work you put into the follow along articles.

I have been fumbling around with creating an instance with AWS for the longest and your tutorials have really given me an understanding of things, whereas before I was just trial and error.

My biggest issue and always has been is directing my site to use SSL cert and forcing https. I found your article on this and ran into a roadblock in the second line of code. I am attempting to set up the cert using my godaddy domain name purchase, I hope this is not the worst thing ever if it is I’ll buy another or transfer. my domain is idesignmd.c0m I am getting the following error when running -d cmd -


Is this because I have my settings on GoDaddy set to privacy? If so I have to call them to remove that which I can or, is there more to this? Will I run into more errors down the road? It seems to me GoDaddy wants you to use their services and attempting to do this via another template like digital ocean or AWS for that matter is made difficult on purpose, correct me if I am wrong.

Please and thanks and help appreciated.

Hi @Espo and welcome.

I have limited experience with Let’s Encrypt, therefore I haven’t come across many issues.

However, it would be logically to assume base on the error message that the Let’s Encrypt server is unable to access your website (for verification) via the Domain that you provided in the CLI. The most obvious reasons I can think of are:

  • Firewall blocking it
  • Domain name not setup on server

If that doesn’t help, you’d be better off checking Let’s Encrypt.