Storefront not showing, folders instead

I’m new to Magento and new to web development, so my challenge is huge but I insist to get to the holy grail. My apologies for the might seems to be a beginner question.
I have downloaded Magento and the files are all on subfolder under public_html, nevertheless, when entering my domain I am seeing folders and instead of the storefront. I am seeing folders such as cgi-bin and Magento2 folder.
Any advice?

Hi @erezg and welcome

First, it sounds like you’ve uploaded Magento to your web directories sub-folder rather than the root folder. You’ll want to try that again.

Second, I don’t recommend the Upload method (neither does Magento). You should consider using the Composer method.

Lastly, if you only see folder contents when visiting the Magento folder then that means your Apache/PHP configuration is mis-configured. The Official Magento Documentation is long, but it contains all the answers you need to get up and running.

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