Stripe on Magento 2.3.5


Stripe is the first extension that I want to install in my Magento 2.3.5 after watching your video episode 11 Magento payment gateways but I get the impression that 2 years later there are an official stripe extension that works aside magenest module. Is that right ?

According to my research I see I can buy the official STRIPE module in Magento marketplace for free

Also Stripe webpage have a link to download Stripe and instructions to install, just 4 steps with the composer and SSH connection.

At that point I’m not clear if we can jump Magentomarketplace and download from stripe site or is mandatory register the extension?
Well in case I bought the free Stripe extension in Magento marketplace and after place the order there are three options: install, download and mail support stripe site.
When I click on install Magento bring me the access keys that already I have.
Do I need create the new ones?

At my Magento manager extensions it show You haven’t purchased any extensions yet At that point there are something wrong with the connection with my marketplace ? How to check it ?

Also I asking if I upload FTP from the package from stripe site in which folder I must to paste it. is inside app/ or just in root ? Do I need to upload if I use compose ?

Many concepts from a beginner.

So, I did a fair amount of research into this earlier in the year. In conclusion you definitely want to use the Official Stripe Module. They are more reactive with security updates, because it’s in their best interest.

I’ve linked you the Official Stripe Instructions for installing their module below. You won’t need to go anywhere need the Magento Marketplace. Also, it’s 2020… Don’t upload modules via FTP if you have the option to use composer.

Authentication Keys
If you’re ever asked for Authentication Keys, they are in your Magento Marketplace Account > My Profile > Marketplace > My Products > Access Keys.

  • Public Key (aka Username)
  • Private Key (aka Password)



I have the access keys in Marketplace, and same credentials I paste on Magento > system > web setup wizard > system config.
Yesterday do not show any error today I found this one:
X No lockfile found. Unable to read locked packages.
I lost the back office access. Do you known whats’s going on with new issue ?

Regarding composer, you right when you said PLESK make miserable the time.
When I try to execute the command this is that obtain


sounds the same mistake, it’s unaivable to connect to the marketplace ??

That’s the only I did in SSH and in Magento back office refresh the credentials.

Thank you in advance, Juan

Do I restore a backup from yesterday ? Whats the lockfile ?

Plesk is the Devil. There’s going to be questions I’m unable to answer, now that I know you’re using it.

Hmm, I think that message appears if you don’t run the composer command from within your Magento directory. Other than that, I’m not sure.

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