Suggested Magento 2 iPhone and Android app for multi-web Multi-store website

Hi! I am setting up my magento 2 website. I can see the figures from amazon and ebay that most of the customers now using mobiles or mobile apps for shopping. So I want to use iPhone and Android app with the following features:

  1. geo Location. Customers should select country so that He can shop from his respective country website.
  2. Language and currency selection.
    3 . Fast adn minimum loading time.

So can i have an idea what the best apps in the market for that or I need to order a customized from app developers?


Hi @adnan and welcome.

So, what you’re looking for is a Progressive Web Application. A hybrid between a Mobile App and a Website. This is a relatively “new” technology that companies are still developing. In fact, this website is a PWA.

In the world of Magento, they are currently working on a Dev Kit PMA called PWA Studio. The project is accessible to developers right now, but I don’t think we’ll see full adoption for 1-2 years whilst developers still work it out.

As for actual legacy Mobile App suggestions, Magento doesn’t seem to get much love from App Stores I’m afraid.

Hello @adnan, If you are looking for this type of app that provides multi-language and geolocation you can try the Magento 2 Native app.

It is a pre-build framework of an app that lets you launch yours in just a week. With robust features designed to work with iOS and Android, Magento 2 mobile app feels as well made as if it were made from scratch. This is the fastest way for you to enter Mcommerce without the price or effort of a long term app building process.

Also provide Enhance your customers’ experience by providing information in their regional languages, including ones with RTL alignment.