Suggestion for product questions and FAQ section extension

Dear friends,


I want the above extension and presently inclined to buy the one from Amasty.

I also saw some more extensions but homed on this one.

Anyone having any experience with this or others , kindly give your valuable inputs. I will be highly grateful.


I’ve not implemented an FAQ Section into Magento before (that I recall). Maybe take a look at Knowledge Base by Mirasvit as a cheaper solution for this particular feature?

However, with regards to Product Questions you’ll find that many Review Websites (e.g. and allow you to integrate this feature into your Product Pages. We used YotPo for this at the last company I worked for. I’m not sure if you already use a Review platform but it might be worth looking at.

In the past, I have tried to obtain “review copies” of extensions/modules to do videos on them. But none of the companies want to work with me. Instead they tell me to use the Demo. But that doesn’t really seem like a fair test. Maybe in the future they’ll change their minds…

Hello Craig,


Thanks for a very prompt reply.
I also looked at knowledge base by mirasvit but because they didn’t have a product questions section I had to dismiss it.(they had a product question section for magento 1)
With regards to integrating with review websites, I won’t be able to as my website is not about common products but it’s services which are “products” and the reviews are primarily for the service providers.

with regards to any service and associated things , there might be a lot of questions and some questions might be frequently repeated, I thought this will be a good way to reduce all over burden on customer care.

I am also Interested in Amasty because mirasvit provides ready made indexer for it(I am using their elasticsearch extension)

Can you please tell me if I can trust Amasty as a extension provider and if you have any experience with their customer care.

Thabks for your suggestions once again


No problem. Although, it’s also worth mentioning that you can set the actual reviews to review your business rather than your individual products - Which is what we currently do.

As for Amasty, their modules are really useful. I used them a lot in M1. In M2 I currently use:

I had integration issues with Infinite Scroll. It didn’t want to work properly with Porto. However, after a couple of days of reporting the issue they sent me a patch to fix it.

I also had an issue with Extended Order Grid… But I think that was down to an issue with some of our own custom modules. But we patched this ourselves.

My only issue with Amasty is cost. But you do get what you pay for.

Hello Craig,

Greetings once again.

I have a multivendor service marketplace and
therefore it is very likely that people will like to know individual service quality and compare those service providers. I would very much like to have my service reviewed but I guess it will be outside my site which provide consumer feedback about various websites.

Amasty is indeed very expensive, and that’s the reason why I wanted to ask about it before I jumped the gun.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. A positive feedback coming here at digitalstartup, and especially from you I can confidently move ahead and buy the extension.
I will keep reviewing all the extensions I use.

I would also request you to suggest if there is a need for an seo extension and if at all, which one is the beet…

Thanks once again and regards.


No problem. There are a few websites that I wouldn’t trust or had a bad experience with. If those ever come up you’ll get a straight “no” from me.

Good question. So, we currently use Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit. However, we don’t actually use all of the features.

Most of what this module offers can be done achieved with some backend development without spending a penny. However, the task of SEO actually falls on the shoulders of someone who doesn’t have the technical expertise to do it that way.

So, purely for the sake of ease I installed this module to help other departments make changes without the need to rely on me for assistance. It gives them totally autonomy to moderate our SEO efforts whilst I can sleep at night knowing they won’t break anything.

Now, it might turn out that we hit a glass ceiling with its capabilities in the future. But we’re not quite there yet because we haven’t punished it to its limits.

One day I might find time to review the extensions I already use… :thinking:

We are researching as well. This is what I found.

Mageplaza - It has both General FAQ and product page tab for FAQ but the product page appears to have the general FAQs and not questions specific to each product.
Aheadworks - FAQ page only
BSS Commerce - FAQ page only
Landofcoder - FAQ page and appears to be general FAQs on product pages.
Amasty - FAQ page and FAQs specifically per product.

We will be going for the Amasty Extention

Hello Fergus,
Looks like me and you both are sailing in the same boat and in the process of setting up their stores.
I would like to share few things.
First about amasty, faq and product questions. I already bought it but I realized maybe I was hasty.
I am not sure but there’s a company called solwin which also has a product questions extension. The faq extension is separate.

There’s also aheadworks which has a product question and faq extension separately.

I saw the ahead works extension later, they are very expensive and I am not sure about their customer care but what I did notice was that their “product question” extension contained a facility where other customers can answer the question as well. This is a fantastic facility according to me and if budget is not your concern you can have a look. That said aheadworks is I think the most expensive of all extensions and I do not know if the price justifies their product.
With amasty, you have the benefit of getting product questions and faq in one extension.

There is one more facility which I wanted, that is search bar in the product questions page which unfortunately no one has as of now.

I have already bought the extension from amasty, and they have installed it. My product page has an HTML template and some work is required from amasty before I can use and give u a review.

I have also taken the blog pro from amasty and SEO suite from them, all together as they only charge for one installation if they have to install it in one go. I bought amasty due to @digitalstartup recommendation of amasty’s good quality extensions and robust support and also due to the fact that mirasvit elastic search extension(which is great) I had bought earlier had ready indexes for amasty’s blog and faq and I can use it.

It has been an expensive affair buying from amasty and aheadworks is even more expensive.

I hope I was able to give you some info and not confuse you.

Just some quick questions to @digitalstartup.

  1. Solwin has some really cheap and good looking extensions, what’s your experience.
  2. I was thinking of installing a Google tag manager with enhanced e-commerce facilities. Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading such a long post. :slight_smile:


  1. I only own 1 Solwin Module called “Attribute Tooltip and Image”, purchased in Oct '17. Looking at my email history I did have a theme compatibility issue with it - But they patched it for me within a week. I never actually got around to pushing this to our Production site… Mostly because I forgot until now. So, I couldn’t give you any more feedback than that I’m afraid. Although, I suspect I’ll be installing this in the near future - If it still works.
  2. I highly recommend GTM. I use it for all of my projects. I’m currently using their Enhanced Ecommerce Module. It works really well. However, learning how to use GTM effectively with GA will probably take a few days


  • Let me know what you think about that extensions after you’ve spent some time working with it.

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I have a correction in relation to my saying that the Mageplaza FAQ might only has general FAQs on the product page. All questions are put in the general FAQ but can also be put specifically on any number of products that you choose. With 12 months support that ticks all the boxes for our requirements.

Checked out the Solwin Tooltip and we would have good use for that along side the FAQ for filling in information gaps.

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Hello @Fergus ,


Can you please review if you have used the Mageplaza FAQ extension.

It would be of help to everybody here.


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Hi @digitalstartup,


I also had issues with amasty extensions.

I asked for a refund(they offer a 60 day refund policy) and they promptly offered refund in full to my account(not store credits)

So now, I still need a product faq extension…

I am still researching and liked the solwin product FAQ extension.

What issues were you having with the Amasty module? Did they at least try to fix it?

They did try to fix, but then they said that they cannot make their extension work( FAQ) with the elastic search extension I already had. I wanted the search bar to display the results using the elastic search extension which was from another vendor.

I had received wonderful support from mirasvit and so my expectations were pretty high.

But in all probability, my store is much more complicated than others so it might have been difficult and the tech staff must have been really busy with some other things.

Amasty is a well-known company and they follow best practices I guess, unfortunately, they could not replicate their standards with me as far as the technical support is concerned.

However, my refund request was processed within two hours and they sent a confirmation mail asking me if I wanted store credits or refund in the bank.

Ah, ok. Gotcha. Thank you for the update :slight_smile:

I’ve used Aheadworks and it’s everything that their website says, code quality is pretty decent and works well. Their M1 version was also pretty decent. If you have purchased other extensions for the same purpose let me know.