Thinking of using Google Tag Manager with Magento

I was thinking of installing a Google tag manager with enhanced e-commerce facilities. Any recommendations?

I highly recommend GTM. I use it for all of my projects. I’m currently using their Enhanced Ecommerce Module . It works really well. However, learning how to use GTM effectively with GA will probably take a few days


@digitalstartup You recommend the paid one or the free version of it. Also how simple is the installation process?

Can you please guide through it if you have done it yourself.


Just checked and I’m using the Free version. Installation was simple, nothing special about it. However, setting it up took me a couple of days to wrap my head around it because their documentation isn’t formatted great. But everything you need to know is on their product page (that’s all I used to set it up).

The module uses an API and builds all of the GTM Tags for you (which was pretty cool), so you don’t need to worry about that.

Here are my settings. (I don’t know what half of them do). They might not apply to you though.

Hey Craig,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I will try that for sure.

My store has not yet launched and I am getting a lot of help here and I really appreciate the help that you provide.

My sincere thanks.