Suggestion for who to use to send mail?

Going from nexcess to cloudways, this is another aspect that is more DIY and not just spoonfed to you. This is completely fine with me, but it is also a new aspect as well. Currently, cloudways has mail suggesting to use rackspace. It can be configured to use whoever though. I have no problems using rackspace, however each mailbox you want has a monthly cost from rackspace. This is fine if you actually use that mailbox frequently or for an employee, but there is no sense in creating 10-20 mailboxes for common email “roles” and paying for each mailbox monthly when they are so rarely used.

I can create aliases and have them all send to the main single mailbox, however I have set this up with M1 as I’ve created/moved mail over to this rackspace in anticipate of launching our site and M1 doesn’t send from an alias or bcc/cc/separate mail (not sure why). I don’t really care too much as I’ll be moving to M2 soon enough.

In my prior email configuration with nexcess, I was allowed as many mailboxes as I wanted and then I would simply automatically copy/forward to the main mailbox to make things easier to check and keep track of. M1 had no issues with this. I’m not certain how M2 will handle this scenario, but I’m thinking that I may be better served with a different email provider.

Going through this migration process, I like the idea of having my mail service as a standalone because then if I move servers, platforms etc… I can simply adjust the dns records to point to standalone mail service and that’s it. I don’t have to move everything, which seems to take forever.

I use Gmail Suite for business operations. You can very easily update your DNS settings so that your Gmail Addresses use [email protected] rather than [email protected]. I think I pay like £4-5 p/month for G Suite Basic. And we use G Suite Business for my other company. I think it asks you during the setup whether you’d like to integrate an existing domain.

And then I bolt that into Mandrill as my SMTP client (totally not necessary), as I like to track delivery statistics and so-fourth.

Thank you, yet again! I’m definitely taking a look at those options now.

Have in mind that with G Suite Min 5€/ 6$ Subscription you get also 30G of cloud space (which can be used for G drive photo sharing and storing and backup of backup) and Google Sheet is a good if not the best .csv editor for database entries.

I did end up using Gsuite and it has been great so far. Do I like being entangled with google, no, but it has been a good product thus far and I have no regrets with the decision ATM.